Our Coffee

Red Rock Blend

Our popular blend with smooth medium body and low acidity, hint of chocolate,and toasted almond. Medium/dark roast.

Espresso blend

Most popular rich and round up, smooth blend.


Cream, sugar cane, buttery


Medium bodied with a lively acidity, very aromatic with spice and chocolate overtones.


Very full bodied with a slight exotic earthy taste. Slightly sweet with floral nuances.

El Salvador

Caramel apple, Tangelo and Honey


Orange zest, butterscotch, caramel

Sahara Blend

Our blend that is medium body. Floral, dried fruit flavor and finish with nutty cedar.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Medium bodied with a tangy and pungent liveliness and a pronounced floral aroma.


Tanzania Peaberry

Herbal, Woody and Rich


Smooth, well balanced acidity with a sweet flavor.


Aroma of dark fruit, spice, raisin and coconut with lush body, bright and clean finish.